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A Little Bit of Sanity and A Lot of Chaos: Guster and a photo opp

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Guster and a photo opp


Can you believe this little dude is suffering from a DOUBLE EAR infection!!!! Gosh is he cute. He wasn't sleeping very well for the last few nights, which is quite strange as you know, since he's been sleeping through the night since two weeks old (I know, we're lucky).  So, on Friday morning instead of going to the Y to spin, we headed to the doctor. I called at 7:50 and got an appointment for 8:20. I was shocked. I thought for sure that I would be dragging all three boys to Urgent Care where they would pick up the swine, chicken pox, lice...just kidding it's not that bad there, well, not really.

So, the doctor says, "the bad news is his ear drums are as red as Santa's suit." And I said, that's not bad news. That's terrific news! Thank goodness there is something wrong with my perfect sleeper and he will get back to normal! Hooray! Now if this kid is not allergic to penicillin I will be shocked and ecstatic.

I'm going to tell you something. I know some of you will think this is absolutely crazy and cooky, and I don't care, but I have to say, when I look at that little guy, there is just something about him. I don't know what it is. There is something about him that makes me just warm inside. His eyes, his heart. I swear if you look in his eyes you would think that you could see his actual soul. It makes me cry. Happy tears of course. Has anyone felt that before? My mother-in-law says the same thing. There is just something about him. It's an amazing feeling to look at him.

I took these pictures today of the boys. We've started calling Jack hambone. You will see why here. We've noticed that Porter has become very shy when attention is paid to him, especially in public, as evident in the story about his preschool program.

Porter didn't seem to shy away from the photo opp today though. In fact he tried to get his brothers together to pose.

Okay, first, please don't pay attention to their hair. They refuse to go to a salon, our neighbor is a stylist and hasn't been able to cut it, so I have been doing it. Shame on me for 1 - doing it myself and 2 - taking their pictures like that!

Look at Jack. Seriously. A mirror in front of him and he would see me. Or mom. Or Uncle Steve at his age. Wow. He is such a character. Completely different than Porter. CRAVES attention.

Who does Gus look like? It's hard to tell.

Did some Christmas shopping today. Obsessively spent time on ebay and got a fantastic deal on a cricut for myself. I guess that's my Christmas present! Can't wait to get it!

Christmas Ball Wreath for next post. For all that is holy, it was not easy.

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