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A Little Bit of Sanity and A Lot of Chaos: Gus is 5 months!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Gus is 5 months!

It's hard to believe that this little guy is 5 months old already. He still continues to be THE MOST AMAZING baby EVER! He's just perfect. Except when he rolls over and can't be bothered to roll back over....then he screams. A LOT. And loudly. But other than that he's a perfectly happy content banana eating  5 month old. He figured out the cereal thing a few weeks ago and got bored with it, so we moved on to bananas. Loves them. Love him.

How cute is he?!!!

Then there's this little guy. His preschool put on a "Critty Party" (Critter Party) on Tuesday and they sang songs and marched around the rooms in their animal costumes. Porter wore the top to his old lion costume and was perfectly fine with it. In fact we first got him a dinosaur costume but it was killing me that we spent $30 on that costume PLUS $20 on his Transformers Halloween costume, so I convinced him to be the lion. I was so proud of him for being a good boy and not complaining or crying about the dinosaur costume. It was amazing to see him act grown up. I'm off point....critties....

Porter came out of the room at the head of the class and saw all the parents and kids watching him and he FREAKED out. He started making that - I'm-going-to-start-crying-if-you-don't-stop-looking-at-me face...It was horrible. He has never been one to have all the attention on him, in fact he gets really embarrassed. And he sure was then. It was so sad. I cried. I felt awful for him. I cried. Right there. After the class sang two songs, one about a squirrel, the other I don't remember because, I was crying, the teacher let him come over to me and he just held on to me and sobbed. It was so sad. I cried. Then Jack said, "Porter sad. Me sad for Porter." So cute. I cried. Did I mention that I cried. First it was that, oh, he's so cute being all sad, I was giggling, then the giggles turned into tears. I cried on the way home. No one wants their children to be sad, or embarrassed or scared. But, the teacher said he was great in class afterwards. Not a problem. And you know what - he wont stop singing that damn squirrel song....all day long - grey squirrel, grey squirrel shake your bushy tail, wrinkle up your little nose, put a nut between your toes, grey squirrel, grey squirrel shake your bushy tail....

I just noticed I sent him to school, at a church looking like we can't afford to buy him jeans, or even patch the holes. Seriously.....

Last weekend the boys carved pumpkins. I say that because I didn't do anything with them. It was a "man" project. They loved it. Jack's a hambone.

They are very scary....

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