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A Little Bit of Sanity and A Lot of Chaos: New finds

Friday, October 23, 2009

New finds

This blog is not becoming a home improvement blog, I promise...but, I just HAVE to share a few things. I have been a butterfly project fool lately and am totally loving it. I gave up my afternoon naps and am gettin' things done!
After discovering the Habitat Restore, I thought I would try the local Goodwill. Boy oh boy! I found the jackpot! So excited and I can't wait to go back.

Check this out. I have been watching this chair at Target for a long time, but was never going to spend $160 on it. NEVER. But, when we went to Goodwill today, it was like all the stars were aligned. I was walking in the furniture area and out of the back room comes a man with this chair. I mean, really. How absolutely perfect! I was nervous about the price, I saw some stuff that was there that was a little pricey, and this being a brand new chair, I mean ta
gs and everything, I thought it would be up there, but it was only $24.99! I had to look twice. Really. $24.99. I tore that tag off as fast as I could and it was mine! The whole time I was walking around the store I thought someone was going to take it from under my nose. But it is mine and I took it home and it fits our front room perfectly. L-O-V-E it. I know, crazy to be obsessed with a chair - but seriously. I know it was just pure luck, but maybe, just maybe Mom had something to do with it.

Then. THEN. I found these two beauties. They were each $7. SEVEN DOLLARS. I couldn't believe it. Just wait until you see them!

Sadly I had already taken the ugly green seat out of the chair to recover it. I discovered spray laquer - LOVE IT. It goes on smooth and easily without dripping like other spray paints. It's amazing.

If you click on the pictures you can see a close up. Still need to find a shade for the ginormous lamp. There's the table we made. I think the legs are a little bright, so I am going to attempt to do a glaze on them to tone it down a little and make it a little weathered.

I also discovered Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. Holy Cow do I love Home Depot. They have everything! The day after we moved into our house we put in a new sink and faucet in the kitchen. The faucet was Oil Rubbed Bronze and I think it looks great. So I found this spray paint and did a few things. The spray is really forgiving and very easy to use. This is what our garage looked like this afternoon:
I painted a mirror, vase, candle sticks, clock and some frames. Oh, and that big round mirror in the middle - I got that at the Salvation Army last week and painted it white at first. But then changed my mind. I'm loving it more now. Obsessed with ORB. I don't think so, but I do really like it!

This is the last one, I promise. I love chalk boards. So I made one. With a tiny little help from Tom. But even he would say he did not do much. I even got to use a new tool before he did! Awesome.

That's it. I still really want to paint the kitchen. Black on the bottom. Antique white-ish on top. But I still have a no from Tom. Bummer. What is my next Butterfly project going to be? Ideas?



Blogger Michelle said...

I can't believe you got that chair for under $25! Lucky Girl :) I've bought a few items like that, where I'm waiting for someone to realize they marked it way too low before I've paid for it..lol!

November 3, 2009 at 7:25 PM  

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