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A Little Bit of Sanity and A Lot of Chaos: Painting problems and a footstool

Monday, June 14, 2010

Painting problems and a footstool

Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes for Tiny G. As well as the many, many positive and thoughts about my furniture and crazy/wacky ideas. It's such a joy to read your comments. I know that a lot of bloggers say that and sometimes I wonder if they actually mean it, but me, I mean it. For reals. It makes me smile to read your thoughts about things as well as your funny stories about your situations with your boys. It makes me feel normal. Well, semi-normal. At least it makes me feel sane. Well, semi-sane. You get the picture.

There were some questions about why bubbles and crackling happen when spray painting. Here's what I've found out so far:

1. Sara at Russet Street Reno says try waiting 24 hours to do your second coat. I fully agree....but I don't have the patience. Maybe that can be a goal of mine.

2. When I did some research I found that it happens to people when particles and dust and yucky stuff get on the item. In order to fix that, make sure you don't spray paint in the wind and in well, the desert. Wipe the item off prior to putting on the next coat of paint to make sure it is clean and free of dust particles. Although - I've painted things with huge dust bunnies on it and nothing has happened, and other times I've sprayed things I've thoroughly cleaned and it crackles immediately. I don't know. It's awfully frustrating...

3. I don't have a compression sprayer so I'm not sure if it happens with that too, but I'm assuming not. I don't know....anyone?

And, because we can't live without a revamp.....I got this foot stool for $3.99 at GW.

This had SEVEN layers of material. I am so not kidding. And it was stinky. And ugly.

I tore it apart. Down to the wood.

And I turned it into this cutie-patootie:

I think I'm going to put a pleated skirt on it. It's just scrap drop cloth from a different project and upholstery jute. I got to use my new electric staple gun, so that's always fun!

Had a fun weekend with some college friends and their kids - none of which were girls! We had 6 little boys running around our house! I'M TOTALLY EXHAUSTED.

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Blogger Bonnie said...

What would possess someone to put 7 layers of material!!! Hopefully it hasn't had 7 owners!!! Looks great now!

June 14, 2010 at 7:37 AM  

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