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A Little Bit of Sanity and A Lot of Chaos: I did it.

Friday, October 30, 2009

I did it.

I did it. I did it. I did it. And I got shocked doing it. Tom wanted a dimmer in the dining room. So I went to Home Depot and bought one. Came home and put it in. ALL BY MYSELF. Tom doesn't think it's all that big of a deal. But I do! Electrical. What's next? Plumbing, check. Tiling, check. Painting, check. Furniture, check. Decorating, check. I think I've got something here....who needs him, when I'm learning to do it all by myself!

So, Kristy S. asked what Butterfly projects I've been doing, so here are the pictures to show you all what I've done. It really helps me deal have fun with the kids when they wake up from naps.

This is just a cheapy stool from IKEA that I painted and distressed in blue. Love it. The boys push it all over the kitchen.

I recovered these stools in canvas. Love canvas!

This was brown. Just took the baskets out and lacquered it. Matches now.

That picture stinks. But I got the chair at Goodwill for $7. It was just wood brown and I used the same blue to paint it as I did the stool and this bench that used to be red mahogany. The pumpkins are from Wal-mart and they were a buck each and I just spray painted them Heirloom white, Oil Rubbed Bronze and some other shiny metallic, that I love.

Love this. Distressed both this and the stool above with the Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze.

This bench used to be brown with a pretty red fabric that I liked, but was so totally over (in my best Valley Girl impression).....I used the white paint from the laundry room cabinets, the glaze and canvas to recover. So cute.

I got the idea for these "pelmet" window decorations from here. I don't know what pelmet means, but I used old curtains from the kitchen that were too much fabric in there and foam core board, duct tape and gorilla glue. I think it cost all of $5 to make. I made one for the other window in our room too. Awesome.

These are cool. I got 5 mason jars at Goodwill for a buck a piece and the boys filled them with sand from the sandbox and we put tea lights in them. They will be perfect for Halloween. Hopefully it doesn't rain!

The bench was in our basement. It used to be black and crackle white. Whatever. It was a mishap. I spray painted it and now it's a bench in the laundry room. Waiting to get an old door and put some hooks on it to make a nice little mud room storage area. The mirror was $2.99 from Goodwill and I spray painted it. The frame was also $2.99 and I spray painted that in Heirloom white. I am going to put one of those vinyl wall sayings on the inside. Something clever....like...do your own laundry!
I did these curtains this afternoon. They used to drape in the middle of the window and I chopped them apart and used that Stitch Witchery stuff to make a loop and hung them back up. There is another window just like it on the other side of the room. This literally took me an hour to do. It was awesome and it makes a huge difference.

Here's my next project. Habitat for Humanity Restore. $28. I'm going to make it a big huge ottoman. I've already taken the top off, so now I need to find a fabric, paint the base and figure out how to do that cool button thing.....I'll post pics when I'm done!

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