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A Little Bit of Sanity and A Lot of Chaos: Trip to the Zoo, funny things kids say...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trip to the Zoo, funny things kids say...

Here are a couple of pictures. One is of the boys from the Milwaukee Zoo (brown bear in the background). We were pleasantly surprised by the zoo and had a great time.

Top photo is one of the only pictures that Porter let me take of him. He's been very camera shy lately.

Porter got a new pair of cowboy boots yesterday, and he was having trouble saying "cowboy boots", so he was calling them "rain boots". We worked on trying to say the words, but he ended up saying instead, "Mommy, I can't say that!" And then sticking out his bottom lip. He finally said, "cow boots." So that's what we are going with....

Another funny one...(I love when kids start understanding words and putting them together!) He wants to race everywhere we go, and he has to wear his running shoes EVERYWHERE....except yesterday when he had to put his cowboy boots on while we were at the mall...So, when we are getting ready to race he says, "Ready, set, 2 go!) I think as in Ready, set, 1,2,3, Go! I think this whole racing thing stems from the marathon.

Jack of course is copying every thing that Porter does and he tries to copy everything that he says! Here's a cute one of Jack in a "cow hat".

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