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A Little Bit of Sanity and A Lot of Chaos: Ask Away....Session Two.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ask Away....Session Two.

A fellow blogger and faithful reader posted many questions that warranted a single post. If you haven't read Kolein's blog, Kitchen Table Productions, go visit. She is quite witty and fun.

1. How are you liking your new 'old' hair color?
Umm....well, I liked it. And now I like it even more after we added some new highlights.

2. Has hubby gotten used to it or has he mistaken you for the cleaning lady?
He initially thought I was my sister visiting, but he got used to it.

3. So you have a cleaning lady?
No cleaning lady, although today I thought about getting one.

4. Do you ever eat dark chocolate?
Does semi-sweet chocolate count?

5. or drink coffee?
 No coffee. Only Diet Coke.

6. Do you like to laugh more OR engage in serious topics?
 Laugh. I don't feel educated enough to discuss serious world changing topics. Plus, I sit on the fence with most topics.

7. Your furniture painting business - did that just happen? Or was it a dream of yours?
It's always been something that I enjoy doing. We DIY a lot around here. Selling furniture just happened. This was the first piece I sold:

8. Is the home you live in your forever house?
Probably not. Hubby's job may move us at some point.

9. Do you live out in the country or in a neighborhood?
We live in Lake Country. It's a small town near a big town, the locals wouldn't call it a suburb, but I do. We have a neighborhood. And a McDonald's. What more do we need?

10. Do your boys go to school yet? I've forgotten their ages now...or home school??
Porter (5)goes to 4K. In the fall he will be in 5K, he has a September birthday. Jack will be 4 in April. And will go to Preschool starting this summer. And Gus will be 2 in May.

11. Do you have any girl friends who live nearby?
No, but my neighbors are okay. Nah, they are fantastic. And very good friends. I trust them with my life and my kids lives. And I talk to the BFF on a weekly basis.

12. Or family?
Nope. Tom's parents live 4 hours away and so we get to see them a couple times a month.

13. I love how you roll with it all...how do you do that?
I just do....see how that is done? Sometimes I'm really high strung. But, mostly I gave that up because of the kids. I have to be easy-going when I have milk flying across the room and dogs with anal glad issues and kids that like to eat....

14. I also love how you write. no apologies. ok that's not a question.
Thank you. As I mentioned before, I write and blog and do projects to keep me sane. It's my therapy. If people don't like it, then that's okay. I've had one nasty comment the entire time I've been blogging, and it was hurtful and mean and sad. And it made me angry and cry for several days. I decided then that I was going to keep going and do whatever I wanted just for me. I mean seriously, it's my blog! I'm not getting paid, I don't endorse anyone, although I would if they asked me...Howard's Feed and Wax....Home Depot...HGTV....

15. Do you ever, in your baby fever moments, wonder about having a girl?

16. Why did you name your furniture business - White Butterfly?
That's a good question. When I first started doing projects Tom started calling them my "Butterfly Projects" things would metamorphosis into new things, things around here are always changing and that's how it started. I picked the white part, well because I like to paint things...white.

17. Trying for 20 questions here....ummmmm...tap, tap, tap...I'll ask my boys.....here's what they asked:
7yo would like to know if we can come over some time? 10yo would like to know if your boys have legos?
You can come over anytime....as long as you bring those fantastic wooly sweaters...The boys do have legos. And they love them.

18. What is your favorite thing to do on a cloudy day in Wisco?
Go thrifting. Or read books with the boys. Or play Memory. Or make hot wheels tracks down the stairs...

19. you're at 501...I dropped from 67 to 66 and almost couldn't sleep...do you feel any pressure keeping your blog going?
Sometimes. I want people to like me! Duh. I have to remind myself that I write for me, not worry about numbers...not worry about being "Blog Prom Queen". It's no big deal. I do it because I like it. If I don't have a project or a funny story or I have nothing to say then I don't write. I think it's about having fun and enjoying what you are doing. . . I used to worry when people left. I don't anymore. People grab a few idea (hopefully not stealing them and calling them their own) and then they go. I'm okay with that. I'm not the type of blogger that says if I follow you, you must follow me. You like what you like when you like it. That's it.

and finally question #20 Does you dad blog?
He used to! He is an Ah-mazing writer. He should write more. He should blog more. If you click on Kinda Irish over there on the right, you can see his writing. He's actually a professional. Me, not so much!

Guess what?! A painted project tomorrow. Maybe I'll even have up an amazing Goodwill find!

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Blogger Kolein said...

I'm a little red in the face. KIRSTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 3, 2011 at 7:00 PM  

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