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A Little Bit of Sanity and A Lot of Chaos: April 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some new things I picked up.

When I read the garage sale postings on CL I am always amazed and flabbergast and frustrated. You know, when it says HUGE SALE. I expect to get there and see an actual HUGE sale. Tons of stuff pouring off the tables...huge is just a word apparently, not an actual descriptor of the sale.

Also, I expect that when I see "garage sale", like everyone, I expect garage sale prices....oh, and "warehouse sale, need everything gone"....ummm...then price your items properly and do some haggling. Cause when you are advertising that you must get rid of stuff, then price it as such!

That being said, I haggled on these two chairs at the warehouse sale and the next dresser too and got a pretty darn good deal, I think!

I showed you this dresser the other day. I got a huge blister on my hand from this beauty. But, it is totally worth it. SO. WORTH. IT. Unless of course I get a staph infection or something equally as gross.

A client sold this little gal to me. Can't wait to get some paint on her! And some glaze too.

This one is frustrating me a little, but it has some good potential! Hopefully I don't get too frustrated and end up putting it in the dumpster...

Oh, this one is done! I'll show you!

This one is almost finished. Love it. Love it. Love it.

This one is almost done too. I think you all are going to just roll over with this one. It's dreamy-licious.

Okay, that's just a little tease. Can't wait to show you all of them! Stay tuned!


Friday, April 29, 2011

Fabric and Jute wreath.

Last Saturday we had no plans so we were all just hanging out playing legos and such so I decided to throw together a little craft project.

I found a Dollar Store green wreath form in my stash left over from my Christmas ornament wreath. I didn't do a tutorial because I was totally freaked that it wouldn't work out. And I can't have another jute tree debacle on my record.

So I took some jute/twine and started wrapping and gluing every 10 or so turns. It took forever. And when I say forever, I actually mean forever.

Then, I took some linen samples that were sent to me from a designer (Hi Shelly!) to use on my chair that I ended up using a drop cloth for.

I just held on to one end and twisted them around and then started making wrapping them. It's really one of those things that are hard to explain, but once you start doing it, you just make it up along the way and it works. Right. Easy. Uh...sorry, There are tutorial out there. If you want me to do one, let me know. I'll make something up.

Here's how it turned out:

I'll give you a little hint as to how I work. On some of the flowers I rolled them first and then just shoved the glue gun in to some of the little crooks and crevices to get them to stick together. Easy? Lazy? Smart? You be the judge.

I love it. I am totally thrilled with the way it turned out. It was a totally free project. Except that I initially had to buy the jute and the wreath about 6 months ago, but that doesn't really count in my book.

I know what you're saying..."if she loves it so much, why isn't it hanging on her bee-utiful twenty-five dollar front door?

I went to hang it on the wreath hanger on the front door and I couldn't. No wreath hanger. Huh. I have no idea where it is or where it went or how it got off the door. So, there it sits. On the stairs. Until I can remember to pick up a new wreath hanger somewhere.

Love. It.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

We had a very low key Easter this year. Quiet times at our house. Oh, who am I kidding, it's never quiet here. NEVER.

We actually had a very BIG weekend for one little dude.

Traditional family photo with their best Easter shirts. Notice they are each wearing their favorite color.

Porter has been riding a two wheel since the beginning of last summer. He just got on and started riding.

We've been talking about it with Jack since his 4th birthday at the beginning of the month. We took his training wheels off and one them broke so we couldn't put them back on (wink, wink).

So we said, "Orange dude. You gotta do it." He said, "Okay." We went out and Tom held on for a few seconds and Jack said, "Daddy let go! I can do it myself!" So, Tom let go. Done. Jack's a two wheel rider.

They probably won't remember learning to ride their bikes. They'll just think they have always known. I mean, how much do you remember about being four? I got nothin. That's okay, because I will remember. And of course, I cried. I cried at the loss of my babies. I cried at the smile that spread across his face. I cried at the pride that was bursting out of that tiny little body....cried. Sobbed.

So, now we've got two out of three riding two-wheels.

Oh, and we found this little guy on our front stoop on Monday morning.....odd little fella. The boys think he's magical. I think the neighbors think they are funny....we're going to send him on in a few days...

Happy Day.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Removing Veneer From Furniture

I heart Restoration Hardware. I don't heart the prices. At all. As a matter of fact, I have never bought a single thing there. Nothing. I oogle and gaze and drool over their industrial farmhouse style pieces with the soft leather and the industrial cart coffee tables and the worn in all the right places, but brand new furniture...I'm sure you do too. I could save up for something, but why would I, when I can do what I am about to show you. (If you think I'm bragging a little, it's because I am.) Just wait. It's well deserved bragging rights.

Here's a sample dresser from RH. Nice. Really Nice. Price, $1695.

I found this dresser at a Warehouse sale. It wasn't a great sale, I'll tell you about it later.

You can't tell in the photo, but it was only half finished. I had to re-sand the entire thing, and remove the veneer from the top. That is not an easy task.

To remove veneer from furniture get yourself a heat gun and a scraper. It's easiest to start on a section where the veneer is already pulling up. Just heat up the veneer and start shoving your scraper under it and pulling up with the scraper. When the veneer starts to smell like burning saurkraut then you know it is ready. The older the piece, generally the easier the veneer is to remove. The newer the piece, the better the glue became and so harder to remove.

It took me several days to remove the veneer from the top. Then I sanded things down again. First using 100 grit then going to 150 and finally 220. (The higher the number, the finer the sandpaper, the smoother the surface.) Then I wiped on some Minwax paste in clear to protect the entire piece. Paste is amazing. It gives it a protective coat without having to deal with sloppy poly.

I added some simple antique silver knobs. And it is finished. AND, I love it.

It is amazing. One of my all time favs. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Did I mention that. Oh, and it looks great in my dining room...too bad it has already found a home!

Furniture Feature Fridays


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I found this in a barn....

I went to a barn sale last week and found two of the most amazing things!

I really need to figure out how to take better photos in my garage...

Aren't they fabulous?!

I knew when I saw the table who it would be for. I even called her while there and told her, I could hardly contain my excitement!

So, we decided on a color and I got started.

Here's the amazing transformation:

I found a roll of gray and white wallpaper at St.Vinny's and decided to try it out inside the drawers. I also added new yellow pulls from World Market.

It turned out great! I love it. It is going in an amazing new place opening up in town and as soon as they open I will tell you all about it!

The dresser was just a bonus find. I was looking for something to go in our guest room and couldn't really find anything. Then I found this dresser. Perfect. I was tempted to just leave it, but it was too dark for the room, so I painted it...white. I added new pulls that I found at Menard's (similar to Home Depot and Lowes). It's my new favorite place for pulls. They are fantastic and almost always on sale!

I absolutely love the original key holes. I wish there was one on the bottom drawer...maybe I'll search the  world wide web.

Aren't the pulls awesome!?


So pretty.

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Just sittin'.

Do your kids do this?

They are weirdos.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Turquoise table

First. You know I appreciate all the comments. Right? I do. I love them. That being said, unless you ask a question, do you expect a "thank you" or an acknowledgement when you comment? I'm just wondering, because I try and send a little thank you note back to my commenters. I'm not sure if it is necessary. It stresses me out a little to respond unless there is a question. When I comment on someone else's blog I don't expect a note back, I just don't think about it....but here's what's happening - I sit down to send a comment back and I've written back to no-reply comments about a million times. Because I fail to remember to look at the email address it is going to, I just hit reply. So, tell me, do you like it when bloggers reply to comments even when there isn't a specific question? Just wondering.

Onto the table. I got this table when I picked up the desk last week. I posted it as available on Facebook and it was grabbed right away. Why not?! It's awesome.

So, it started out like this:

And ended up looking like this:

Dreamy Lagoon from Rustoleum. I heart this color.

Beautiful. I put a couple coats of poly on top, since it is going to be used....a lot.

Happy color. Happy Wednesday!