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A Little Bit of Sanity and A Lot of Chaos: March 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sexy Leg Chair

Here's that fantastic chair again....It's so gorgeous....just dreamy for a mere $6.99.

Does anyone get sick of seeing chair refabs? I don't...I love them!

There was only one problem with this chair....
 Eh...That sucks.

So here's what I did:

I mean, I'm not sure people are going to really sit for long in this chair, but it helps to make it feel like someone's tush isn't going to fall through....

A little scrap fuzz...

And then here's where that gorgeous fabric that makes me think of my Norwegian ancestry comes in....

Staple....this was super easy because I just followed along with the outline that was there from the cane.

Trim edges:

Add pretty white trim:

And done.

I can't stand how perfect it is. It is just so pretty. I just love it.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Furniture Recap

We've all the stomach flu. Again. It wasn't a very "fun" weekend. But, we got lots of snuggle time and happened to go on an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning that the boys loved! This was the day after Jack puked in Target and the day before Porter puked over the railing of his bunk bed narrowly missing Jack's head.

Gus and T haven't gotten it yet. Hopefully they won't. I had it yesterday and was out of commission most of the evening. And now we all have colds. Yuck.

But, I did get a few pieces listed and sold them right away, which totally rocks. And, you have got to see this chair that I found at GW!

Here it is:

The legs! Do they remind you of something?

I know! I was so excited when I saw it. Tomorrow I am going to show you what I did to it.

This is what my garage looked like on Friday morning:
Yikes! It looks better now. Although that darn chair in the lower left corner is still there! Can't quite get to that one yet!

So, this for $12.99:

Became this:

And this:

Became this:

I love it. I love that the pulls are the same color and it is just so cute! I wish I had somewhere to put it! So, for sale it is!

Oh, and these for $3.99 each:

Became these delicious yellow tables:

Love them! That's what I've been doing. Oh, and puking, and cleaning up puke and washing sheets and clothes and shoes.

Painted anything lately?


Monday, March 29, 2010


The sweet and kind Molly Susan Strong gave me an award on Friday. How kind of her. She is so creative and clever and has such beautiful ideas. What an honor to receive an award from her. Go visit her. She really has a fantastic eye for good stuff!

Thank you Molly!


Gus is 10 months.

Today, Gus is 10 months old.

He has a double ear infection. Booo...

He does the army crawl. It's so funny to watch! It happened the same day that the next thing happened.

He has 1 tooth that broke through last week and three that are crackin' through right now!

His hair is growing like crazy!

He refuses to drink more than 4 oz of formula at a time and will only eat what his brothers are eating, sitting at the table with them.

He likes to pull my hair. His brothers' hair and anything on anyone's face.

He is still the cutest little guy around. And has ginormous blue eyes.

Yesterday he took his first tumble off the bed and had his first underwater experience in the tub.

Love you buddy!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Target smells because of my kid.

I think I'll start a category called "Funny places kids puke". Actually, I could write an entire post about all the crazy places I've puked while pregnant. But, let's stick with kids.

On Thursday, Jack puked while sitting in the cart in the frozen food section of Target. Fortunately that area is right next to the paper towel area. And so I grabbed a pack, ripped it open and cleaned the floor. Then I headed over to the kids clothing and grabbed the only pair of jeans they had in the entire boys area.  we changed him right there in the middle of the clothing section and I held onto the tag. And because he was a little freaked out and wanted to snuggle with his puke soaked blankie, I let him pick out a new one. At least it's cute. Brown with polka dots. Because I know you are all wondering.

Even though he projectile vomited all over everything, he still proceeded to eat a scooby snack that he had in his hand (never mind that it fell on the floor too) immediately after he threw up. And screamed when I tried to take it away....yuck.

Feel free to read about the other funny puke stories here and here.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Because I have a right to change my mind.

I sold the Armoire. I don't know why I capitalized the letter A in armoire. Maybe because it was such a big thing.

We got a new television, right after I finished painting it.

We really had no where for it to go.

Goodbye sweet ARMOIRE. You will be missed. But you will be happy in the Northwoods of Wisco.

I'm such a freak.


TV Armoire turned fabulous.

I love this armoire. Not because it's rustic and cool and holds an ancient television. But because I got it at a steal.

Many years ago I got an email from a college friend that said a co-worker of hers was selling a bunch of stuff because they were moving out of the country. Score. I got this armoire for $75. It was fairly new and from Pier 1. It has been this way since we got it, nearly 6 years ago.

Tom hates it. He thinks it's an enormous monstrosity and it should go in the fire pit. I adore it for it's rustic cheap charm.

It holds our outdated, dangerous television that I'm pretty sure was a hand-me-down from my dad. I'm not sure we have ever purchased a family room tv before. Oh, except for the two small ones, one in our bedroom (Yep, we have one there. And I love it. Nothing like snuggling in bed watching movies. Back off.) and one in the kitchen. Love that one too. Back off.

We need a new television. But, neither Tom nor I are willing to spend money on it. So, we live....hopefully never to get electrocuted by the thing.

But, I wasn't lovin' the armoire as much any more. And since I'm on this white kick, I figured I might as well paint it and see what we think. If it's horrible, then we'll get rid of it. Just like Tom wants. I almost wished it wouldn't have turned out. Because now I will NEVER get rid of it. EVER! Do you hear me, hubby. This thing is staying. Whether we use it for the tv, or as a storage closet we will NEVER EVER get rid of it. I mean, look at it:

Well? I'm right, aren't I? Good decision?

I was going to go for blue, but I wasn't sure, so I did white. It's always a nice, safe choice. And I love.

I can't remember who asked, but I know someone asked about my font on my post date, heading and column headings.....and because I have no idea if I answered it to a no-reply, cause I'm a tool, I will tell you all that it is Pea Kadee from Kevin and Amanda's fonts. The link is over there on the far right. You can download all of their handwriting fonts. It's fabulous!

Yesterday was spent going through toys and stuff...maternity clothes.....cry, cry.....infant clothes...cry some more...toys we don't need anymore....cry, cry....cause we're having a rummage sale and getting our basement ready to be organized and cleaned.

I can't wait to get rid of stuff. It is such a wonderful feeling to have clean, organized areas. Now, if I could just get hubby home long enough to organized the garage....and finish that mantel :) !

Update: If you don't want to read about how I sold this the very next day, then don't read the next post!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

When it all comes tumbling down.

You know how sometimes you have days that could just be over at noon. Not the worst day EVER, but one that really just shouldn't continue because if one more thing happened you might just pack up and move to Guam. Or Timbuktu. Or anywhere else....

So, I'm taking Porter and Gus downstairs and we have this table at the top of our stairs with a beautiful glass vase on it with lots of yummy smelling filler inside. Do you see where this is going?
Can you see it at the top of the steps? Huge. Glass. Vase.

It's been this way for awhile now...We have never really had any problems with the older boys playing with decorations....they really don't care about them....but Grabby Gus apparently loves them.

And I hesitated at the top of the stairs for too long.

And Grabby Gus did what he does best.

He grabbed. At the vase. And pulled that vase right off the table.

And Porter and Gus and I watched it as it tumbled down the stairs and made the most incredible breaking sound. All. The. Way. To. The. Bottom. Breaking a little on each step.

Children and Dogs were immediately scooped up and rushed into another room where they remained for thirty minutes while I documented the occasion. And cleaned up, duh.

See those two white things? That's why I hesitated at the top. My sweet oldest child picked up a poopy diaper for me and instead of carrying it downstairs like asked, he threw it down the stairs and THAT is when I hesitated. To remind him that throwing things down the stairs is not the proper way to dispose of said diaper.

Here's what happens to soft pine when glass shards get in it...


Let's see it again:

Does anyone know what it feels like to have glass stuck in your foot?

Yeah, me neither....

I'm sure I didn't get it all. As much as I tried and crawled on my hands and knees to find little itty bitty pieces of glass, I'm sure I missed something.

And this is where the documentation comes in to play. Thank goodness for photos and blogging, so when Gus is older, and some famous doctor that cures all the world's illness and disease, I can show him this. And remind him he owes me 100 bucks. Plus interest, compounded over 30 years... (And I will fail to tell him that we got said vase as a wedding present.)

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No-nap Monday #752

I just realized this morning that I have replied to about 100 "no-reply" comments/emails. Argghhh! I'm so bummed. So, if you are reading this saying to yourself, "I am going to unfollow because she never got back to me regarding my question." Then this apology is for you! Sometimes people ask specific questions, so instead of responding on the blog, I send a response to the email....and what I didn't realize is that some people don't have their email address set up that way. Oops! If you sent me an email and still want a response to your question, then send one back and I'll try again to answer your question! 

On no-nap Monday, I crossed something off my list over there on the right.

The guy finally came and fixed the window. Ironically, the window broke on it's way to the store from the warehouse, so they had to re-cut a new one. I thought it was funny.

I also did this to a chair:

And the chair did this to my floor:

Umm....grody. (Anyone remember that word? I still use it. Totally.) Hubs, if you happen to pick this post to read....I think we need a new floor....totally. This is enough to send a person over the top. Or to banish them to the basement....

I also tried something here:


Hello? I was trying that busy, but organized look...it's not working, is it?!


Power of Threes. I actually am liking it. And as soon as Tom is home....that darn mantel will get finished.

And you should see my garage. Furniture everywhere. Then I decided to paint this monstrosity yesterday....we'll see how it turns out today. Tom would rather trash it and get a flat screen. We actually need a new tv, ours does that thing where you can see the other channels behind the one screen of the one your actually watching...you know what I'm talking about? And, apparently the cords in the back aren't up to snuff. According to the crazy cable guy that hooked us up when we moved in.
Until we fork over the cash for a new tv and console and dvd player and such, this bad boy is staying. I love it. I just wanted to see what it would look like in a different color. Can't wait to finish it.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A strange little chair...

Remember this little guy?
Odd little chair. But I couldn't resist.

Then. It sat. Like this. For several days:

And I was freaking out. Okay, not FREAKING OUT! but just kind of worried about putting it back together. I love this color, but I wasn't feelin' it.

So I tried this:

And, although I love the color and the fabric. It was a little too much for me. I felt like it belonged at the Norsk Hostfest.

So, now after it sat for several more days, here's what it looked like. For some reason I was nervous about putting the material on. Then I was nervous about stapling. Then nervous about the trim....Ugghh....

But, now. I really like it. It speaks European to me.

Which I quite enjoy.

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