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A Little Bit of Sanity and A Lot of Chaos: January 2010

Sunday, January 31, 2010


I did it people. I backstitched. I know. Some of you are saying what the heck is that. Others I'm sure are giggling that I've never done it before. I think it's just when you go backwards on the sewing machine for a few stitches so that things don't unravel - isn't that right my faithful seamstresses?

I made these pillows (Boy do I love that chair):

I am a total cheater. I apologize to all of the actual sewers out there. I sewed the edges on the outside. Seriously. The edges are frayed and sloppy. But don't they look nice in the picture! I sewed 3 sides and then shoved (that's not an exaggeration, I had to really shove) the pillow into the case and sewed it up. With the pillow inside. Such a disgrace. But, it works. And that's all that matters. Funny I never figured out what that little knob on the front of the machine with a little u on it was for before. Backstitch. Is it just to keep the end tight so it doesn't fray? I have no idea. So pathetic.

I have a reason for being such a pathetic sewer. See, my grandmas and mom all sewed. My aunt is a fantastic quilter. And another aunt could turn wool fresh off a sheep into a dress....she's that good. HOWEVER, they never taught me! Yep, totally blaming them. Never mind that I probably didn't want to learn when I had the chance....

So today I backstitched. An accomplishment unto itself. I'm sure my grandma and mom are looking down from the heavens above and laughing...or maybe they are just proud that this girl did it all by herself....

It's the little things people.


Friday, January 29, 2010

5 dollar mirror

I love mirrors. I'm counting them in my head right now. Not including the bathroom mirrors that came with the house we have TEN ELEVEN mirrors. We're so vain. We love to look at ourselves in every room of the house. Sometime I will do a post about all of our mirrors. Because we LOVE to look at ourselves. I mean, look at us, why wouldn't we. Watch out. I'm feisty today.

I dropped the older boys with my neighbor, God bless her, and Gus and I went to my three favorite thrift stores for the morning.

I found a couple things. Nothin' big. But then I found this mirror. (Light shining down from above.) It was five dollars. Yep. I know. So lucky. It was actually fifty percent off blue tagged items day at the Salvation Army, but, I couldn't buy it for $2.50 and feel okay with myself. I would have been stealing. I already feel guilty for getting it at five bucks. So I paid the full five for it. I know. Give me a medal. I'm such a good person.

So great. And I have the perfect spot for it. It just needs a little work.

I primed with my favorite Kilz:

Yep, I just spray painted the whole thing. Mirror and all. I do that a lot. I find it much easier to use a razor blade then tape off the mirror and have to use a razor blade to get the stuff that seeped through the tape.

I then painted it Heirloom White. Sanded a little and glazed with Ralph.
I used a paper towel to put it on and then wiped it off with another paper towel. I liked this mirror because it had edges where the glaze would sit and make it look cool.

Cleaned up and lookin' good:

I have to get some new wire because my 18 guage isn't strong enough. It is a heavy one!

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8 Months

Gus is 8 months old today. He is still a dream baby. Which of course makes me want to have another...baby fever already.

He still wears 3-6 month pants. I did however change out the rest of his clothes to 6 - 12 month stuff. He is a peanut with two tails. His hair. He already needs it cut. But, I refuse.

He grabs at absolutely everything within arms reach. He smiles at everything and everyone and has the greatest belly giggle ever.

He's just barely sitting up and often topples over. He has the greatest time jumping in the bouncer.

The older two adore him...and smother him....and sit on him...then he grabs them and pulls their hair, which makes me laugh.

He is now eating toast and loves, loves, loves saltines. He eats whole bananas and even had some macaroni and cheese yesterday. When he sees food or his bottle he totally freaks. He starts shaking and breathing heavy. And it makes me laugh.

I love this age. They don't talk back. They smile at funny faces and make you feel warm and fuzzy.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mom Ramblings

Random thought: As a mom I'm faced with daily dilemmas. Many of you know them: Is it okay for my kids to wear the same underwear three days in a row? How many times a week can I feed my kids macaroni and cheese with pepperoni? Do I have to get down on the floor and play with them every second of every single day? Will they notice if I just lie down and take a nap right here on the floor while they crawl all over me? Can they go one more day without a bath? If I just lie here for a little while longer will they miraculous be able to reach the breakfast cereal/milk/bottles?

Am I the only one? Seriously? Bueller? Bueller?

More momness (just made up that word):

On No-Nap Monday Jack that little turd, spilled an entire bottle of hippo watermelon soap all over the floor. The stuff that comes out the mouth of the hippo and it blinks for as long as you have to wash your hands. It's green. It smells like watermelon. Okay, it smells like what people that make fragrances think watermelons smell like. In actuality it smells like a 12 year old girl's lip gloss that is really just glorified chapstick. Now, I'd love to tell you that this happened in the bathroom where the soap is stored. But it didn't. It happened in the bedroom. How did it get there, you ask? He left his room and went and got it while he was supposed to be napping. HIS BEDROOM CARPETED FLOOR. How come you didn't clean it up you lazy mom, you ask? Well. I will tell you what happens when you try and wash soap out of carpet with water. It makes bubbles. Lots of green bubbles.

Now. THIS is the same floor that has the dog puke rug covering the ginormous blue paint spill. Umm...yeah.


And here's how the conversation went:
Porter: Moommmm....Jack spilled.
Me: (Stomping up the stairs. Yep. Stomping. And then smelling. And then gagging. And then throwing up a little from the overpowering smell.)
Jack: (Hiding hippo soap.)
Me: Jack, who spilled on the carpet? (In the nicest tone I have, because seriously, the carpet couldn't get any worse.)
Jack: Baby Gus.
Me: Really? Baby Gus? He climbed out of his crib and came over and spilled soap. Nope. Try again.
Jack: Millie. (The dog.)
Me: Nope. Try again.
Jack: Doggie. (A stuffed animal.)
Me: Nice try. Who really spilled the soap? (Hiding a smile.)
Jack: (Starting to get that devilish grin with that little dimple) Me did it.....
Me: Duh.

And then all the bubbles. I felt like I was in an episode of The Brady Bunch. Specifically the one where Bobby tried to do laundry and soap was pouring out of the washing machine. Cause that would really happen.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kitchen Island

This was the dresser I found at a thrift store in our town. I wrote about it here. It was $18.00. If I remember correctly, which I'm sure I don't. I saw Michelle's dresser island at From House to Home and had the idea to put one in our kitchen, I'd wanted an island for awhile, just didn't know what to do for one. I thought it would take awhile to find one, but the very next day I found this. Oh. It was 2 days before Christmas.

We finally made it down to Ikea to get our butcher block top. It's a four hour round trip. We actually had a pretty good trip, with just one tiny meltdown from an exhausted Jack about 45 minutes from home.

Here is what the island looked like after I painted it Black Suede by Behr in Satin. You can still see some of the wood undertone...if you remember I did that on purpose. I love the way that looks for some reason.

We were going to just put the block on top and attach it underneath. But, after looking at it resting on top we decided to remove the top of the dresser. (Plus, if we ever end up moving and we don't need an island, this is a fantastic dresser. So, we are keeping the top of the dresser.) When I say we took off the top, I mean Tom. I was too busy playing Memory with the boys. Plus, he likes to feel useful.

We (He) attached the L-brackets on the inside of the dresser.

And then just screwed it in.

I love it. I love it. I love it.

The top was $39. That's it. So this entire island cost us under sixty dollars.

Thank you Michelle for the idea!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wall of Art

I got this idea from my friend Leah at This & That. She has this fabulous Brag Board for her son's art work.

So cute.

I started by printing off vinyl letters on my Cricut...but I ran out of vinyl. So off to Hobby Lobby.

But they didn't have any either. But they had this in the clearance isle. In my excitement I forgot to take a photo of the 'Country Kitchen' with a rooster sign because I painted it the second we got home. Oh, and after I went to the bathroom. (Too much DC and a car trip!)

I didn't even sand it or tape it off. I just sprayed right over the top of the sign. But, get this! It was originally $48. And I got it for $8. I was thinking about using some regular wood, but this was practically done for me. It even had hooks on the back. Sold.

All I did was cut out letters on my Cricut and Mod Podge them on. I'll tell you a crazy secret that makes me a total freak. I love peeling Mod Podge off my fingers! So weird. I know.

Then I took some more big clothespins - get them at Michael's they are cheaper than Hob Lob. Again, just like the sock thing, I mod podged some paper to the clothespins and attached them to the wall with the Command strips. And because I'm a freak, I did both sides of the clothespins.

To add drama to the project, I unknowingly put the letters on the board upside down. I know what you are saying, "It doesn't matter, there wasn't a right-side-up." But there was - it already had hooks on it! So, I had to switch them around. Mamma Llama Drama.....

There you have it. Finally. That wall is no longer empty.

And Porter couldn't be happier about all his projects being displayed!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to my home Mr. Wingback.

Me: There isn't a price on this chair. How much is it?
Nice Man at Thrift Store: We just got it. How much will you give me for it?
Me: I don't know? Five bucks.
Nice Man: Six.
Me: Done.

I'm supposed to be asleep. I actually had a post written and scheduled for tomorrow already....But, I just couldn't wait to share about this chair. It was No-Nap Monday today so I didn't get as much done this afternoon that  I wanted to, hence the late night. THIS is my biggest reupholstery project yet. I've been waffling on what to do with it. Crazy fun, or calm and peaceful? We don't have a lot of crazy fun furniture. We're bland. But, I like it that way.

So, I got a drop cloth and some spray paint. Then I found this fabric:
And I just knew I would use it.

I started taking it apart and trying to remember exactly how things were so I can put it back together the same way....but I wanted to modify it a bit. I didn't want a cushion that would come off. Too many places for crumbs and cars to hide!

Remember that bit on Sesame Street a long time ago with the woman dressed as a girl sitting in that ginormous chair...that's what I think of when I see these pictures. Too funny. I loved that bit.

Beginning of disassembly:

Disassembled and Primed (with my new favorite spray primer KILZ in a can):

Spray Painted Black Semi-Gloss:

This is always where things get tough. I started to line up the material and cut and staple. I find it easier to cut it while it's on the chair rather than cut it and risk having too little material.
I had to use a wooden spoon to shove the material down the back of the chair....

Then I did the wings.

I thought I took a picture of the back of the chair, but apparently I'm crap at remembering...remember...

It was a little awkward to do the arms and front because I wasn't sure where to cut things off, but I think this works. And you'll see in the end that the trim, adds some detail to it. I had a super hard time and cried for 13 whole minutes about what to do with those arms.

On the sides of the outside wings I started at the top and just stapled all the way down. I used a million staples and glued my finger to the wood. Twice. See. I am not a professional.

Instead of making a separate seat cushion I used my electric knife (Thanks Dad!) to cut the 4" thick foam that I got at JoAnn's. I would have used the old cushion but it was falling apart and crunchy. No one wants to sit in a crunchy chair. I put the foam on the seat and covered it. It was a pain in my rear. I'm not super crazy about how the cushion turned out, BUT, the fabric makes up for that. And it's super comfy. Like grab a coffee, or tea (if I drank either) and read a good book all day comfy.

After that I took my trim and went all over covering all most of the staples and rough edges. Seriously, so not professional.
Update: I glued the trim onto the chair with hot glue. Lots and lots of hot glue that burned my fingers... I used the inside part of what you are supposed to use to make your own trim. I couldn't find a trim that I really liked. And I've used this on other chairs.

I heart this chair:


Yummy. I just love that fabric. So fun. So bright. And SO not my norm. It's fantastic.

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Middle child threw a fit today in a store. One of those, everyone-is-looking-at-you-and-you-are-a-bad- mother kind of fits. It was miserable.

I forgot to show you Nicole's gift, cause she won, sorry to the rest of you!

Nicole, you'll get more than just one coaster, maybe 2. or 3. or 4. And yes, she is getting the now infamous PB knockoff urns. Lucky gal! But, remember, pictures are deceiving and they were made from stuff I had here at home....so don't be too hard on me!

I got these at Ikea this weekend. I am in love. Although, to be perfectly honest I imagine they won't get used all that much....


I labeled them with my label maker. I love that thing.

And finally. I found this beauty:

I need some input. I picked up a drop cloth to cover it. But THEN, then I saw this at Joann's when I was getting the cushion (fortunately I had a 40% off coupon for that foam!):

Isn't it gorgeous?! I picked up 2 yards. 30% off.

Here's my question: Do I do the front of the chair in this fabric? Or just the cushion? Or just a pillow? I am so struggling with this! I need help!

I've already torn the chair apart and I will do a step by step post for those that are interested. It's going to be a tough one. I already pulled out 8,457 staples.

Let me know what you think!

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