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A Little Bit of Sanity and A Lot of Chaos: August 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Closing on the House!

A couple photos first. Family photo opp on top. Second photo is Porter riding "Norman" at the Milwaukee zoo. Oddly enough this is the second time he's ridden the same horse. Bottom photo is of Jack at the Oconomowoc Art Fair. This is one of my favorite photos ever. I love how Jack is smiling that crooked smile, however, my favorite part is the tree and its texture. It just looks like you could touch the photo and actually feel the tree.

We got a house! We will be closing on September 15th. It's in Oconomowoc - try saying that three times, fast. Try spelling it too - it's like trying to spell Stenehjem - you have to do a couple of letters at a time - Oco-no-mo-woc, St-en-eh-jem. The house is great - completely different then what we have been in before - anyone remember us living in North Minneapolis?Not at all like that. A little like St. Louis Park - but more along the lines of Maple Grove and Woodbury. There are about 100 kids under the age of 10 in the subdivision. It will be a completely different experience for us - we've already met lots of the neighbors and we haven't even moved in yet! Tom and I are both VERY excited to get out of the apartment and into the house. I've already got a list of things to do. And, there is lots of room for visitors. I'm expecting that you all (the three of you that read this blog) come and visit!

Porter has become quite the little gentleman. One of the greatest things he says lately is, "Mom, do you need help with something over there?" This, as we're getting out of the van, leaving the house, or a store, or he notices that I've got my hands full. Thanks to Tom for that! Too cute. And I just smile and start to giggle every time he says something cute or does something adorable, of course, then Porter says, "Momma, no laughing..."

Jack, in addition to saying several very understandable words, such as night-night, bye, hi, car, ball, truck, book, up... Loves dancing and singing. He will stop in his tracks when he hears a song and start to bop his head and wiggle his little body. In fact, their favorite two songs in the car are "The Underdog" by Spoon (Porter calls it the dog song) (Kevin, you have to love that!) and "In the Car" by Justin Roberts, he and Porter sing the "car" parts, the car goes vroom, vroom, and the radio, wa-wa-wa-wa-wa, and the speakers go boom-boom-boom....They LOVE it! And Tom and I giggle every time they sing.

Can't wait for visitors and to get settled.

Love, K

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Speak and Spell with Porter

Porter, say ketchup. "Chup-it".

Tom taught Porter to poke me in the rear-end, yeah, real funny, until we're out in public and he runs around poking me in the bum. Then he took it further and said, "Me, check-out mom's bum, me check out mom's bum..." Over and over again....while I was in a dressing room.

A couple of days ago: "Mama, me have a problem." It wasn't a big problem, just all his blankets on the floor, but how funny for him to say that.

Porter: "Mommy, me don't like you. Me like Daddy better." (Which of course hurts like there's no tomorrow.) A few minutes later he says, "I like you now, Mommy." Since that time we have discussed not saying that and now he says, "Me like you and daddy."

Porter: "Why you have wrinkly hair?" (after I had curled it. It looked much different then my usual ponytail.)