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A Little Bit of Sanity and A Lot of Chaos: July 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Funny Jack.

Yesterday I thought Jack was a genius. Today, I wonder if he is smarter than the dogs....Here's why:

Yesterday after eating my Zone bar for breakfast he came over to the table and picked up the wrapper and walked over to the garbage and threw it away! How great- my child loves to clean and knows exactly what garbage is and where it goes! Oh praise the Lord, I've got my dream child! Ahhh, as the day went on and things got thrown away, it was time to take the garbage out - I pulled it out - and also pulled out - 4 toys, a shoe and a belt.....ha, ha. Not as genius as I thought!

Then today as we were sitting on the kitchen floor I watch him reach over to the dog bowls and grab two handfuls of dog food and shove them into his mouth and before I could get to him he rushed to grab more! This is not the first time he has done this! In fact I have finger swept several chewed up pieces of dog food from his mouth. Yuck! It grosses me out, but have been assured by our doctor that dog food has never killed a child and that it happens all the time!

Crazy kid.



Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trip to the Zoo, funny things kids say...

Here are a couple of pictures. One is of the boys from the Milwaukee Zoo (brown bear in the background). We were pleasantly surprised by the zoo and had a great time.

Top photo is one of the only pictures that Porter let me take of him. He's been very camera shy lately.

Porter got a new pair of cowboy boots yesterday, and he was having trouble saying "cowboy boots", so he was calling them "rain boots". We worked on trying to say the words, but he ended up saying instead, "Mommy, I can't say that!" And then sticking out his bottom lip. He finally said, "cow boots." So that's what we are going with....

Another funny one...(I love when kids start understanding words and putting them together!) He wants to race everywhere we go, and he has to wear his running shoes EVERYWHERE....except yesterday when he had to put his cowboy boots on while we were at the mall...So, when we are getting ready to race he says, "Ready, set, 2 go!) I think as in Ready, set, 1,2,3, Go! I think this whole racing thing stems from the marathon.

Jack of course is copying every thing that Porter does and he tries to copy everything that he says! Here's a cute one of Jack in a "cow hat".

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Living out of boxes

So. Moving. Not so much fun. Thank you Jenn for reminding me to keep this updated. We just got "settled" into our temporary apartment in Wauwatosa, WI. It's actually a great little gated apt complex complete with a pool, dog run, workout room, tanning bed and FREE Starbucks coffee! Tom could not be happier, especially since our coffee maker is in storage. We currently have 4 plastic plates, a ton of plastic forks, no spoons, and at least 20 sippy cups - you can see where my priorities were when I was packing up our apartment stuff. All our goodies are in storage in Mpls until we find a house to live in. Porter and Jack have adjusted quite well, although Porter keeps asking if our new house is that one, or that one, or that one...

Jack is walking, using a real fork (I know, odd), and says about 10 understandable words, which is great, but he is also throwing tantrums, not so great!

Porter just learned the word and meaning of "WHY" and asks it every other second. He is adorable and loves helping Jack walk around by holding his hand and saying, "Come on Jackie, walk wif me." So cute!

I had a job interview today for an assistant swim coach - it would actually be pretty fun, but not very practical for us right now! Tom starts working on Monday, needless to say we are all a little stressed, worn out and nervous!

I'm currently sitting at the dog run with Rosie and Millie (free Wi-Fi at the Club House!) and there are tons of lightning bugs around and the dogs are amazed by them. They aren't quite sure what to do with them. Funny.

We are doing well. Will start adjusting and it will be a fun experience! We've already found the best place for custard, a restaurant down the street that overserves Tom cause he's so darn cute, Target, and all the necessities. We're on our way!